At Hacienda Punta Alta we are dedicated to help the world reduce its carbon footprint .

All Homes are equipped with rooftop Solar Panels connected to Intelligent Solar Power Systems with battery backup. Basically, while the sun is shining it produces energy. That provides the energy to power your home during the day. At sunset the system switches to battery backup giving your home power for an additional 3 to 4 hours. When the battery backup gets down to 20% power level, it switches automatically to the external grid from the power company. The national power company, ICE, is operating on 99% hydroelectric power.

Your infinity pool is powered with a Solar Direct pool pump. This solar system runs all day while the sun shines, and turns off at sunset.

At Hacienda Punta Alta we have formulated a cost effective way to counteract your electrical consumption and reduce our carbon consumption at the same time.

Save Money Save the World!

The Secure and Gated Community of Hacienda Punta Alta has all underground power and services. These features will keep the views pristine forever.

  • Locally Sourced Building Materials
  • Solar Power with Battery Storage Back-up
  • Unlimited Pure Water Source
  • Underground Utilities
  • Designated Green Areas
  • Passive Lighting
  • Solar Powered Infinity Pool
  • Energy Efficient Appliances and Air Conditioning
  • Roof Design for Shading of Living Area
  • Butterfly Gardens and Fruit Orchard Program